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オーディエンスカテゴリー・サイトカテゴリー 入札価格調整率の設定機能を追加



  • ダッシュボード画面に実績を確認できるカード「キャンペーンの実績(グラフ)」が追加されました。アカウント全体のパフォーマンスを折れ線グラフで確認できます。

  • ダッシュボード画面にてカードの追加や削除、ドラッグアンドドロップによる並び替えができるようになりました。









[Yahoo! JAPAN Ads] Enhancements on the Campaign Management Tool (April 2022)


Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads


To provide a better user experience, we continue to improve our campaign management tool for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.
The highlights of improvements made in April 2022 are as follows.

Bid adjustment on Audience category and Site category

Setting bid adjustment for audience category targeting and site category targeting became available on create and edit ad groups views as well as on the list of targeting settings.

New feature on dashboard

  • We have added a new card “Campaign performance (graph)” that can check actual performance. You can check the total performance of the account with a line graph.
    You can also edit the items to be displayed and the unit of “report by” such as daily and monthly.

  • You can now add and remove cards and sort by drag and drop on the dashboard.
    (1) “Add card” button: add a card to be displayed on the dashboard.
    (2) “×” button at the top right: remove the card from the dashboard. Even if you remove the card, you can add it again from “Add card.”
    (3) “=” button at the top: You can sort cards by drag and drop.

Narrowing down by tracking URL on the list view

You can now sort and filter by specifying the tracking URL on the list of campaigns, ad groups and ads views. You can narrow down by specifying tracking URL.

Test feature

“Test feature” of final URL or tracking URL became available even when the message “a connection failed” is displayed due to the site certification settings.

Downloading performance report

You can now download reports on the creating performance report view by a single step without previewing.

Previewing of created reports

The list of “Reports created” can be previewed on the Campaign Management Tool. By clicking on the report name on the “Report name” field, the reports can be displayed.